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DLS offers a number of technical support methods to get your questions answered and your problems fixed.

Support Online DLS has an extensive collection of support material right here on our website:

We also have a number of online tools to manage your account:

Support By Phone To speak with a DLS representative regarding your account, please call (847) 854-4799 and follow the voice prompts to be directed to the appropriate department. Our technical support department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Support By E-Mail To get your questions answered via e-mail, please open a support ticket online. Once your ticket has been opened, a technician will e-mail you concerning your issue.

Whether your support ticket has been opened by phone or e-mail, you can always view your tickets on our website at any time.

Support On-Site On-Site Support is available via the DLS Network Solutions. If you are looking for on-site computer support or business network development, DLS Network Solutions can help.