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Windows XP PPPoE setup

Step 1:   Click on the "Start" menu and then on "Control Panel".

Step 2:   On the left side of your tool bar select "Classic View" and then double-click on "Network Connections".

Step 3:   Run the Connection Wizard by clicking on "Create a new connection".

Step 4:   Select the first option, "Connect to the Internet", and then click "Next".

Step 5:   At this point you want to set up your internet connection manually. Select "Set up my connection manually" and press "Next".

Step 6:   Select "Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password". This option allows the use of PPPoE in which your DSL connection communicates, and press "Next".

Step 7:   Enter a name for your connection, such as "DLS.NET", in the field provided and press "Next".

Step 8:   Enter the username and password provided by DLS for your connection and press "Next".

Step 9:   You have successfully created a PPPoE connection to the internet. To connect, click on the "Start" menu, select "Connect To" and then "DLS.NET".