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This guide assumes you have already run the Network/Dial-Up Connection Wizard. If not, please view our guide and configure your dialup connection first.

Step 1:   Enter your full name in the text box that appears as shown. This will be shown on all outgoing e-mails you send, so be sure to type it with proper capitalization. Click the "Next" button when you are finished.

Step 2:   Enter your e-mail address. This is in the form of "" where username is the one you previously typed for your dialup connection. Click the "Next" button when you are finished.

Step 3:   Enter the mail servers as shown and then click the "Next" button.

Step 4:   When prompted for your username and password, enter it exactly as you did in the "Dial-Up Connection Wizard". We recommend enabling the "Remember password" option so you do not have to enter it each time you check your e-mail. However, if you are on a computer with multiple users, you may want to disable this option for security reasons. Click the "Next" button when you are finished.

Step 5:   Your e-mail is now configured. Click the "Finish" button to dialup to DLS to check your e-mail.