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This guide will give you a brief overview of how to use the CuteFTP Pro 2.0 This link points to a page outside of the DLS website. FTP client from GlobalScape This link points to a page outside of the DLS website. to connect to our web server to upload the content for your website.

Step 1:   Open the CuteFtp Pro 2.0 program.

Step 2:   Towards the top of the application you will see the host information. Place the hostname of the server or site you are connecting to, and also add the username, and password for the site.

Step 3:   To upload a file to your website, navigate the left-hand directory tree to the desired directory and highlight the file(s)

Step 4:   Select the path or location with the right hand column to the desired location where the files should be placed. Drag and drop from the local-list (defined in step 3) to the remote site on the right (shown below)

Step 5:   Once the upload is completed simply close the application.