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This guide will give you a brief overview of how to use the WS_FTP This link points to a page outside of the DLS website. FTP client from Ipswitch This link points to a page outside of the DLS website. to connect to our web server to upload the content for your website.

Step 1:   Open the WS_FTP program. A "Session Properties" window will pop-up. Click the "New" button and enter your information in the fields as shown. No other settings are required to be changed.

Step 2:   Upon connecting, you will see a directory structure like so. The files on your computer are on the left side, and those on DLS' server on the right.

Step 3:   To upload a file to your website, navigate the left-hand directory tree to the desired directory and highlight the file, then navigate to the desired directory on DLS' server in the right-hand tree. Press the arrow button in the middle of the window that faces right to upload the file. If you are uploading a CGI script, as shown here, be sure to select the "ASCII" file transfer mode (located under the two directory trees). If you upload a file in "Binary" format from a Windows or Macintosh computer, it may not work when you try to access it on your website. Also note that in the screen shown, the directory in the DLS tree has been changed to "/cgi-bin". All CGI scripts must be placed in this directory in order to execute properly.

Step 4:   Once a CGI script is uploaded, it must be given the proper permissions to execute on DLS' server. Right-click on the CGI script just uploaded in the right-hand tree and select "chmod (UNIX)" from the drop-down menu.

Step 5:   When the "Remote file permissions" window appears, configure the permissions as shown below. The important change to note is the "Execute" permission given. Without this, the script will not be able to execute. For security reasons, DLS recommends leaving the permissions for "Group" and "Other" as shown below.