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CanIT Information DLS is no longer able to offer the CanIT Spam and Virus filtering service.
As a replacement for customers, we are now offering Spam and Virus filtering through the Proxmox Mail Gateway.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Proxmox Media Gateway Spam and Virus information At this time, there is no way to log into the Spam an Virus filtering service with your E-Mail address and password.
To gain access to the Spam and Virus filtering service, please follow one of the links from the automated E-Mails sent out to your E-Mail address.
Please note that Virus and held executable attachments can only be released by DLS staff.

These E-Mails are triggered twice per day at Midnight (12:00 AM Central time) and Noon (12:00 PM Central time), and will contain a link to the quarantine page.
This E-Mail comes from, with a subject of Daily Spam Report for ''

You may optionally request out of all spam scanning services entirely by Contacting DLS support.
Please note that disabling scanning may cause issues with E-Mail forwarding to outside mailboxes.

Log into your quarantine You can use the "Request Quarantine Link" option on the filter login This link points to a page outside of the DLS website. page.

Further questions Please contact a DLS Support technician with any additional questions you may have.